Sohrab MJ's New Track "Abadi" Coming Soon

Sohrab MJ's New Track

We're excited to announce Sohrab MJ's upcoming new single "Abadi"! As a member of Zedbazi and as someone who many consider one of the best Persian rappers, Sohrab MJ has had a huge following. This will be Sohrab's first solo track since "Oon Yekio Mikhad". He last appeared on the Bozorg album on tracks such as "Poshtdast" and "Haaram" as well as the mega-hit single with Sijal "Pesare Bad" last year. "Abadi" is produced by Kashayar SR from Tik Taak and features mix and mastering by Shervin Raadfar. This is one track that hiphop fans are looking forward to and we'll have the release for you on Wednesday, May 27th!